Naval Group Australia

Naval Group Australia, a subsidiary of French naval defence leader Naval Group – is the design and build partner for the Future Submarine Program.


Meet Naval Group Australia

As the international design and build partner for Australia’s Future Submarine Program, Naval Group Australia is playing a critical role keeping Australia’s shores secure for decades to come.

Our involvement in amounts to more than just the design and construction of 12 regionally superior submarines for the Australian Navy – we’ll also bolster local industry, create thousands of jobs and transfer world-class technology, knowledge and expertise to Australia.


Meet Naval Group

Bringing 400 years of maritime history and a century's worth of submarine-building knowledge to Australia, Naval Group is the European leader in naval defence.

Naval Group uses its extraordinary know-how, unique industrial resources and capacity to arrange innovative strategic partnerships to meet its customers’ needs.

As a system-integrator and prime contractor, the group designs, produces and supports submarines and surface ships. It also supplies services to shipyards and naval bases. In addition, the group offers a wide range of marine renewable energy solutions. Attentive to corporate social responsibility, Naval Group adheres to the United Nations Global Compact.