IT Cubed

IT³ was founded on expertise gained through decades of experience delivering successful business outcomes through various project deliveries around the globe. IT³ purpose is to provide a "home base" for quality project delivery and project management professionals who wanted to operate as independent contractors, but still develop their career through active mentoring, knowledge sharing and networking. 

Our values include every person behaving as part of a family where we all have a voice and valuable input to the team; we have developed character through perseverance and hard work, so when the going gets tough as it does in project delivery, we'll stay loyal and focused to the task at hand. Finally, we'll be good stewards of our customers strategic spend and help them to plan wisely, efficiently and effectively.

Our mission 

"To simplify change and accelerate project delivery for our customers" 

We utilise 3 core principles to do this:

1. Listening

We want to get to know you and your business needs, so we can understand your drivers, priorities and what your core values are.

2. Caring

Our people are the key to successful delivery. Without them, we cannot build trusting relationships with our customers. So we aim to provide safe environments where our people are encouraged to express themselves and be creative. Our people are empowered to contribute to the team and be accountable for their areas of expertise, creating a constant learning environment and ultimately providing further value to our customers.

3. Sharing

Decades project and technology delivery experience are the foundation of our service. We offer trusted advice and thought leadership based on our learnings and previous implementations. Knowledge sharing is key to ensuring a long term relationship with our customers.