At Sensei, we work every day to refine our approach and improve the working world of those around us. Since we began in 2009, we have focused on bringing world leading project and portfolio management solutions to our clients to help improve the way they work and enable them to reach their strategic goals.

We do this by putting people first – at our clients, at our partners and at Sensei. We believe that to deliver true value to a client, we really need to understand what you are trying to achieve, and then bring the right combination of skills to drive a successful implementation and adoption of your solution. Building trusted, transparent, and long-term relationships forms the foundation for this success, partnering with you throughout your project and portfolio management journey to become a trusted advisor.

We encourage our people to be curious and to continuously learn and grow – thriving on challenges, solving problems both simple and complex to create the best possible solutions to meet your needs and to advance our industry. Our subject matter expertise, technical know-how and leadership within the Microsoft productivity landscape, has seen Sensei build the largest team of experts across the APAC region so you can access a depth of experience to achieve the outcomes you require.

How we create these outcomes is as important as what we create, and the Sensei spirit is energetic and welcoming with a distinctive flair about it! We have fun, share our stories, celebrate our successes and most importantly, have each other’s backs – and we have yours, too. As a client, you become part of the extended Sensei family. We are really proud of our people, our clients and what we are building at Sensei.

Finally, we strongly believe in, and try to demonstrate daily, our core values (which are outlined below). They truly represent our organisation and I encourage that if you’d like to be part of our story, or want to know more, please reach out and have a chat with us.

Andy Neumann – CEO