Having spent 20 years in Strategic Advisory, Business Transformation, Program, PMO, Change and Project Management roles, I realised there was a serious misalignment between an organisation's vision and strategic goals, and the implementation of those goals through strategic projects.

Organisations simply did not reconcile WHAT they were doing with WHY they were doing it. This is a problematic model because it meant resources were being channeled into the implementation of initiatives that didn't deliver the required value or benefits. It meant that transformations weren't sustained, and anxious, overworked executives were taking risks beyond their appetite.

In 2010, I founded PMLogic as the answer to the gap between strategy and implementation. My vision for PMLogic is to be the best wholly Australian-owned and operated Program Management partner of choice. Through engaging the top thinkers and professionals in the program management field and beyond, PMLogic strives to provide an unparalleled comprehensive service tailored to suit each client's transformation needs.

James Bawtree

CEO, PM Logic