Sunshine Coast Council

There is no better place to live and work than on the Sunshine Coast, especially with an outstanding organisation like Sunshine Coast Council.

 With the vision to be Australia’s most sustainable region - Healthy, Smart, and Creative, council is at the forefront of delivering a number of region-shaping projects that will see the region become a hub for innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity, along with opportunities and a lifestyle for all to enjoy.

The Project Delivery Branch delivers ‘cradle to grave’ project management for the ten year capital works program. Given the impact on these projects for our region’s future, this is an extremely rewarding area to work in.

Council’s leadership team is focused on implementing the decisions of our Council and providing support that allows employees to deliver essential services to our community.  Our leaders are decisive and inclusive, and they are leading decision making processes that are responsive; informed and focused on the customer.

Council understands that to deliver great customer experiences we must continue to invest in our people, innovate, and evolve our processes and systems. Having a healthy workforce directly translates to the health of our region and Council’s leadership team are committed to providing a safe work environment that empowers people to reach their potential.

The journey to becoming Australia’s most sustainable region requires Council to build the capability of its employees to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This includes fostering and developing a positive culture and reputation that attracts and retains the highest calibre of employees.

The Sunshine Coast is evolving as one of Australia’s leading regions and our Council is playing its part in shaping a future that maintains and enhances the region’s outstanding natural assets, strengthens the social fabric of our communities and generates jobs and prosperity for current and future generations.

At Sunshine Coast Council, we recognise that everyone has a right to return home safely and that wellbeing, health and safety is fundamental to our culture and values, and our success as an organisation in delivering services to our community. 

Our people demonstrate a commitment to wellbeing, health and safety, which is shown through their actions every day.  

At Council, we understand there are personal consequences associated with WHS decision making for individuals, families and friends. We support all employees and other stakeholders to take personal responsibility for their own safety through empowering all people to make the right decision at the right time.  Sound WHS decision making is supported at Council through provision of appropriate knowledge, skills and support.