Campbelltown City Council

Our story

We are a city at the heart of things. A place that's naturally welcoming, where paths and people of the world come together to write their own stories.

This Dharawal land has always been a place united by strong ties of kinship and compassion, caring for one another and for the landscape we're deeply connected to.

Our people, culture, nature and the way we do business inspires all those who engage with us - and surprises those who discover us afresh.

We are already a place for opportunity. Supported by our natural landscape, connected location, inventive spirit and vibrant community we will strengthen that role.

We are a wide open, straight up and onto it community that looks to new possibilities with positive determination. We are about actions over words and real progress over promises. We're doing what it takes to make the most of opportunities that lie ahead and we're doing it now.

We are Campbelltown, where opportunity comes to life.